Microsoft adds new styles and audio to Sway

Sway is one of Microsoft’s interesting Office tools that have garnered a huge following since release. The free app is all about giving users the ability to create web-based interacting reports among other things. Because of the creative design of Sway, it needs a set of tools to give user’s the freedom they need to bring their reports, presentation, vacation memories, school and work projects, to life.

Microsoft Sway gets new styles and audio

Microsoft Sway gets new styles and audio

With this creative push in mind, Microsoft has added a new set of styles to Sway. It’s now possible to apply vibrant filters to any photo added to the app, making for something that’s more visually and artistic.

To access the new styles, you’ll need to navigate to the design pane, and from there, choose from the available options.

Outside of the new design styles, Microsoft also added the ability to insert audio.

“We heard from many users that you wanted to add audio clips to your Sway. We are pleased to release the ability to insert the most common audio formats (such as .mp3 and .wav) in your Sways so you and your audience can have an even richer multimedia experience.”

This is a big deal because it makes Sway more user-friendly, and also gives the user additional room to bring their designs to life. Bear in mind that audio can be added via OneDrive, or directly from the computer.

We like what Sway has to offer, but unfortunately, while the app is available for Android and iOS, the Windows Phone version is still missing, and that’s a shame and a sign of how Microsoft feels about the operating system.

Source: Microsoft.

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