Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime released as NuGet Package

Microsoft recently announced Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime as a NuGet package. This is an application used by Windows Phone 8/8.1, Windows Store apps to add text recognition capabilities to the devices. The feature of Microsoft OCR Library is that, it enables user to create multiple copies like copying text from images, translation support, text search in image using the library files. The program comes with hidden flexibility and performance features, that allows end users to create different image-types, of high quality with various performance optimization options.

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime

Microsoft OCR Library extracts text and layout data from the image. When it is implemented on an application it allows user to interpret the outcome or return text they are going to get. For example: it recognizes pattern such as phone numbers, email addresses or URL address and the application interprets it into making a phone call, sending an email to a user or visiting a webpage.

OCR Library is designed to run on client like Visual Studio 2010,2012, 2013, Web Matrix 3, Command-Line Utility, allows processing of images from different sources like camera, network location or local file and supports 21 different languages.

To get started with OCR Library, user have to open Visual Studio or any supported client and browse to PROJECT/ MANAGE NuGET Packages and then look for Microsoft OCR. It is available as free library file and it doesn’t cost anything for runtime licenses on those commercial applications designed using it. It’s easy to run Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime application on an image.

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime

OCR can be installed using  “PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Windows.Ocr” from the command line Window in Package Manager Console.

You can read more about Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime here and download it from here.

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