Microsoft offers fixes to WSUS users for issues with KB3148812 update

Microsoft’s WSUS team recently published a workaround for its latest KB3148812 update. According to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) team, the KB3148812 update has flaws and has some known issues. Hence, WSUS users are advised to hold on installing the update.

KB3148812 update

What are the issues with KB3148812 update

The WSUS team had already published in their earlier blog on TechNet that their latest KB3148812 update has some known issues. The KB3148812 update was released earlier last week. As soon as the WSUS users installed the updated, their WSUS admin console became inaccessible. Besides, some users received the error saying, ‘clients can’t contact WSUS’. However, this blog of initial fixes offered by the team for this issue seems to have been pulled by Microsoft.

On April 22nd, Microsoft published yet another blog on this issue with the title as Part 2. The team has mentioned the facts about the KB3148812 update.

  • KB3148812 requires some manual steps to complete its installation
  • Failure to perform these steps leads to two issues: loss of WSUS console and client scans against WSUS
  • Performing these steps (as listed today) fully resolves the WSUS console issue
  • There is a chance that you will see client scan failures even after performing the steps

The team has further mentioned that this update contains critical functionality that needs to be in place before the Anniversary Update. However, it does not need to be installed this week as there is no security fix that patches a known vulnerability. Hence, the team has recommended some other steps:

  • Until further notice, if you have not already installed this update, do not install KB3148812.
  • If you have installed it and not yet performed the “wsusutil postinstall” step, then uninstall KB3148812.
  • If you have installed it and have already performed the manual steps recommended in a previous post, then please Email Blog Author so that we can work directly with you

What is KB3148812 update

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) lets administrators to manage the distribution of hotfixes and updates released for Microsoft products to the computers in a corporate environment. The WSUS console downloads these updates from the Microsoft Update website and then distributes them to computers on a network.

WSUS released its KB3148812 update recently, which isn’t a security patch. KB3148812 enables WSUS console to automatically decrypt Windows Server 2012/R2 updates. The KB3148812 update is released for organizations that will be using WSUS to download and distribute Windows 10 updates.

Read more about this update on the blog.

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