Microsoft Office, the office productivity suite, completes 25 years

25 years and counting! Such has been the reign of the powerful Microsoft Office productivity suite, that it became the most sought after office tool ever. Microsoft unveiled Office in the year 1990, bundling out separate office productivity applications in the name of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Since then the Microsoft Office has helped people get things done in their work and personal lives.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office – From Early Days to Modern Ways

November 19, 1990 Microsoft launched “Office 1”. At that time, Office 1 had Word 1.1, Excel 2.0 and PowerPoint 2.0. Two years later, Microsoft released Office 3.0 with Word 2.0c, Excel 4.0a, PowerPoint 3.0 and Microsoft Mail. Later on Office 3 was renamed as Office 92.

“Today, Office apps and services—from the traditional ones like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, to newer experiences like Office 365, Office Online, OneNote and OneDrive—are designed for the modern ways in which people work, delivering ever more personalized experiences, and helping people be productive from wherever they are and on any device”, said Microsoft in an official blog.

For long the Office tools have been utilized by people to get things done on screens of all sizes, and in a million places beyond their desk. They use Word to capture their ideas, Excel to analyze data, PowerPoint to build plans and OneDrive to share those plans with others. They use OneNote to take notes and organize their information across their devices, and they use services like Lync, SharePoint and Yammer to communicate and collaborate with others wherever they are.

Over the next 25 days Microsoft would be paying tribute to all their Office customers through a series called wherein they will tell the stories of people using Microsoft Office to advance their ideas and achieve interesting, touching and even remarkable things. 

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