Office for iOS picks up a bunch of cool updates & new features

Microsoft has been working on bringing a unified experience of apps across the non-Windows ecosystem and as a result, the company has updated the Office for iOS app. The September 2016 updates for Office apps on iOS will extend support for Edmondo and Tencent cloud integrations when it comes to accessing and storing documents.


Office for iOS picks updates

Now one can also turn their phones into laser pointer by pressing and holding the notes while keeping it pointed at the screen. This feature is however only available for Office 365 subscribers and will be restricted to iPhone.

Moving on, Office for iOS will now come baked with a Smart Lookup feature that will fetch useful information and related stuff like images. All one needs to do is press and hold on the word and choose Smart Lookup. The smart lookup feature is available in the Word.

As we said earlier Office for iOS will let users store and access their Office files by integrating the same with Edmondo and Tencent. This integration is available across all the products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Yet another mention worthy feature is the Focus Mode, this mode works just like the distraction free writing mode on WordPress and allows one to type in without the unnecessary distractions of the toolbar and other optional.

PowerPoint Designer will automatically populate high-quality professional designs for your slides and once again this feature is restricted to Office 365 subscribers.

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