Microsoft officially retires its slogan – Be what’s Next

As rumors of Microsoft’s rebranding emerge stronger day by day, it seems that the software giant has bid adieus to its trademark slogan – Be what’s Next and it is no more the official slogan of Microsoft as it was since 2010.


According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s records, Microsoft allowed the ‘Microsoft Be what’s Next’ slogan to quietly retire on February 18th and made no efforts in renewing it, thus releasing its trademark for this particular slogan. Though no word has been made official from Microsoft about this development but it seems pretty evident that Microsoft is aiming for a refreshed makeover of its brand, at least according to the rumor mills.

In August 2012 when Microsoft launched a whole new logo for its Windows brand, surprisingly the slogan ‘Be what’s Next’ wasn’t a part of its commercials and advertisements and was also ignored during the logo rebranding of Windows, Windows Phone, etc. As for the moment, Microsoft is without a slogan and feels it to be good that way with no official indications of one coming up soon. However there is a very high possibility of Microsoft revealing a new slogan with a completely refurbished brand design.

Microsoft seems to be on a good note this year with positive financial results, promising software and service updates and launches. Windows Phone, its operating system for mobile devices, is doing pretty well all over the world given its late launch in the market as compared to other competitors like Android and iOS, Windows 8 is a huge hit on tablets and works pretty fine on desktops too though a major chunk of users are still to accept it as a primary desktop OS.

Microsoft may be on the anvil of revealing a new slogan but for our readers, have you got one in mind?

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  1. interopbyt

    This just leaves me wondering, “What could be their next slogan?”

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