Microsoft to be powered by Office 365

Office 365 is the future of Microsoft on the web where the cloud is concerned, hence the reason why the company is making plans to move to Office 365.

We should point out that this is just a backend change and not a name change, so visiting in the future will still be the sure fire way to gain access to the email and messaging platform.


From what we’ve come to understand, after the migration, will adopt some of the features and user interface experiences from Office 365 in order to make everything seamless and less confusing to users.

This is a great idea though we have to wonder if some of the cool UI features of will be replaced after the migration. We’d prefer if they stayed intact, but all indications point to no from our point of view.

“I expect there will be some visual enhancements,” said Microsoft’s general manager of Office Apps, Rob Lefferts. “We debated a couple of ways we could have gone about it, but given the other goals we have for Exchange, Outlook, and it seemed like the most straightforward way to do it.”

Since a few months ago, Microsoft has failed to bring any meaningful update to, but with this migration to Office 365, things could change in a huge way. The last big update happened when the software giant removed Facebook and Google support from the chat section. Several users were not happy with the move, but we believe Microsoft did the right thing.

The company should focus on pushing its own products to the forefront instead having similar competing services on the same page. Give users a reason to use Skype on the web, so they will have little reason to need Facebook or Google chat.

The migration is expected to happen before the end of the year.


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