Microsoft Outlook introduces Suggested Reply for emails

In April this year, Microsoft announced new AI backed updates for the Office 365 suite of applications. The desktop and the mobile versions of the apps got the update. As one might have noticed Microsoft has been striving hard to use AI and better its offering. A part of a recent update Microsoft has added yet another useful feature that makes use of the intelligent technology.

Suggested Reply for Outlook emails

Suggested Reply for Outlook emails

Suggested Replies is the latest AI backed feature that makes it to the Outlook. What this feature does is that it suggests a short response to your emails. This is how it works, whenever you get an email the Outlook will use machine learning and AI to suggest the best possible reply. As a user, you can simply select the best suggestion and then select Send. In case you have feedback for the suggestion you can register the same by selecting “Report inappropriate text.”

The Suggested replies work similar to the Nudge on Gmail. Earlier on, Microsoft has already added AI feature that converts handwritten word directly into text, convert drawings into images and helps creators with all sort of needs. On a related note, Microsoft has also added artificial intelligence to the Word for Mac. With this in place, users can translate text and documents across multiple languages.

Microsoft has also been sticking to the timeline when it comes to announcing Outlook updates for iOS. The draft sync is a super cool feature that allows users to continue drafting their emails across different devices. Moreover, the Organization view is aimed at making it easier for the users to get an overview of the teams and the tasks at disposal.

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  1. Brigid

    I HATE this feature and I hopefully have turned it off. It is invasive, insulting in some cases, and when sending personal emails, I don’t want this garbage in here. IF it doesn’t go away then I am changing emails, after all this time, this suggested reply nonsense has infuriated me.

  2. DGbreezin

    I also turned this feature off. I don’t want anyone or any AI reading my correspondence with friends and family and suggesting how I respond. It’s quite violating.

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