Microsoft and partners planning Windows 10 devices advertising mayhem

Microsoft and its partners are planning to a huge advertising blitz that is aimed at educating the masses about Windows 10 and the various devices coming out that supports the new operating system. It’s a good plan, but can it actually work?

We understand that Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, HP, and Dell are all uniting on the same front to promote Windows 10 devices in a broad advertising effort. Some see this as the largest cross-vendor push in history, and it is all about saving the PC from possible death.


This advertising push will involve print, online media, and TV commercials. According to sources, the advertisements will ask consumers a simple question: “PC Does What?”

It seems to us these companies are on the verge of educating consumers on what a PC can do with Windows 10 at the forefront. We know the operating system is very capable in many ways, but it is our job to know this, so it is completely understandable if the regular Joe and Jane have no idea what Windows 10 is all about.

The new ad campaign will feature heavily in the U.S. and China, though at the moment we cannot say if other countries will be thrown in down the line. We also understand the campaign will be officially announced on Thursday at a Webcast featuring the top adverting executives from each company.

No doubt this is going to be a big push because consumers are not purchasing PCs as much as they used to due to Android and iOS. These operating systems are not as advanced when compared to Windows, but they only prove that most consumers only require something simple to browse the web and social networks.

One of the aims of Windows 10 is to make those things simple along with giving users advanced features should they need it.

No matter the case, a big advertising blitz to cement Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices in the minds of consumers is going to be a huge uphill battle in today’s world.

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