Microsoft Patents Inconspicuous Mode For Windows Phone Device

Microsoft has patented ‘Inconspicuous Mode’ for its Windows Phones handsets. Under this patent the Smartphone will be switched from a normal mode to the inconspicuous mode where the home screen will display a reduced set of information and other settings like brightness and sound settings will be adjusted automatically thereby making the device less conspicuous.Inconspicuous Mode For Windows Phone

Inconspicuous Mode For Windows Phone

This feature will automatically adjust the brightness and sound settings in your mobile phone when you are in a movie theatre, in a meeting or in your bed. As described in the patent application, this feature will use the screen sensor of the device and turn the mode ON. The sensor will detect the environmental conditions like ambient light or sound.

The company filed the patent in the year 2013 but got it granted last week on January 13 2015. Microsoft perhaps got the patent on perfect time when the next big version Windows 10 is about to launch.

The new feature will detect your location via GPS, NFC or WiFi and adjust your phone settings automatically. Furthermore, if your calendar settings shows a movie event schedules or your browser shows movie tickets purchase, your Windows Phone will automatically enter the inconspicuous mode. However, you can turn the inconspicuous mode manually also. You can decide when to exit the said mode or the device will exit when the triggered condition is changed.

Check out the entire Patent Application to know more about the Inconspicuous Mode.


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