Microsoft teams up with PC manufacturers to launch “PC Does What?” campaign

Microsoft and the PC manufacturers have teamed up to make the PCs cool. They will be launching a campaign called “PC Does WHAAAT?”. The objective of the campaign would be to encourage people in order to upgrade from their old PCs. According to Intel, there are at least 500 million of them. The campaign will further spread its wings with TV commercials aimed at the US and the Chinese markets.


PC Does What

As you might have already figured out the campaign won’t come cheap and in fact all the five manufacturers would be pooling around $70 million. If you are wondering what a “PC Does What” ad looks like, Intel has uploaded a few of them on YouTube and well they do look apart from the usual run of the mill ads on the TV.

One of the commercial snippet for the campaign shows off a pilot screaming “Danger Zone” from his HP laptop at a man stranded at the sea and seemingly making good use of the “18-hour battery life” of a Dell XPS 13, ya most of the people end up shouting “PC does what” and at the end we felt it to be a tad too Cheesy.

Marketing Agency MCD partners told Digiday that “Campaigns in which multiple competitive brands with common vested interests come together rarely succeed”, Ted Florea from brand agency PNYC criticised the campaign saying “Not knowing what a PC does is a failure of all the players involved to stay relevant.”

Check out the ads yourself and let us know what you think of them, is it a campaign that is catchy enough or it simply falls short of your expectations.

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Mahit Huilgol has been using Windows on PC and Mobile since long. He has been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and loves writing about it.


  1. Dan

    From the graphics, one might think a PC or laptop is just a clunky version of a smartphone…as if who’d really use a PC/laptop for work applications and other fading old school pursuits.

  2. Car 54

    I love my PC Desk and Laptop. I tried a smart phone but soon went back to a flip phone. I’m a realist and believe things you do on a PC can not be duplicated on a tiny little screen. I can text from my flip phone but there are things a smart phone will never be able to replace on my PC!

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