Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program Excellence Award winners announced

The recipients of Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) Excellence Awards were announced recently. The announcement was done during the 12th Annual MPSP Summit on Microsoft’s main corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. The MPSP Excellence Awards are one of the highest honors by Microsoft. For this award, preferred suppliers at Microsoft are recognized on the basis of innovation, exemplary service and superior performance.

MPSP Excellence Awards are given away so as to create long-term relationships with the preferred and strategic suppliers who have the ability to generate long-term value for Microsoft.

Mike Simms, general manager and chief procurement officer at Microsoft mentions that,

“I am very excited to recognize this year’s Supplier Program Excellence award winners for their outstanding performance. It was a year of significant change for Microsoft, and through their dedication, deep understanding of Microsoft and unending support, these suppliers rose above an amazing field of nominees and are well-deserving of this recognition.”

The award is given away in six different categories namely, Supplier of the Year, Brand Value, Market Agility, Reduced Risk, Innovation and Cost Management.

The winners of these six categories of MPSP Excellence Awards for Year 2014 are as follows:

  1. Intergen Ltd.: Recipient of the 2014 Brand Value Award

The company has been providing specialized development work for many Microsoft marketing teams for years together.

  1. Infosys Ltd.: Recipient of the 2014 Market Agility Award

Infosys Ltd. was awarded with Market Agility Award because of the organization’s long-term association with Microsoft. This Indian company serves as the global provider of platform services, products, outsourcing, engineering, technology and business consulting for Microsoft.

  1. Accenture: recipient of the 2014 Reduced Risk award

Accenture bagged the Reduced Risk Award for its long-term partnership with Microsoft, making it the second year for bagging the same award. The company provides outsourcing services, technology services and global management consulting across the Microsoft enterprise.

  1. Arvato AG: Recipient of the 2014 Innovation Award

The services provided by arvato AG include accounting and finance services, risk and credit management, digital and physical supply chain, marketing services and customer support.

  1. Beyondsoft Corp.: Recipient of the 2014 Cost Management Award

This Asia’s first-rated, full-spectrum industry solutions and IT services provider company has developed top-performing products and testing for Microsoft.

  1. Assembly/Edelman: Recipient of the 2014 Supplier of the Year Award

One of the prestigious MPSP Excellence awards is ‘Supplier of the Year’ award and this award was bagged by Assembly/Edelman this year. The company provides services related to consumer insights, market research, social media, digital and public relations for various Microsoft businesses like Skype, Microsoft Retail Stores, Xbox and many more.

Microsoft has published the MPSP Excellence Awards’ requirements and benefits. Microsoft’s employees from different business units, Microsoft Procurement Professionals and previously awarded MPSP suppliers together nominated this year’s winners. Further, the winners of the MPSP Excellence Awards were chosen by an extensive panel of Microsoft employees.

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