Microsoft preparing program to introduce more females to computer sciences

Microsoft is working on something new that is designed to bring more females into the world of technology. This is a place traditionally dominated by males, but this could change if the push for more women in the technology workplace gains ground.

From what we’ve come to understand, over 100 girls are now part of the program from around the United States. This program will give these girls the chance to use and understand the same tools Microsoft uses behind the scenes on a daily basis.


Microsoft-LogoThe program also offers a glimpse into the world of a computer scientists, and from here, girls can choose whether or not if they want to go down this field in the future where a career is concerned.

“The more I learn, the more I’m interested,” said Helen Reeves, a high school junior from San Antonio, who is attending camp on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. “We are all here to learn, so it’s a really fun environment.”

According to the report, the 100 hundred girls will be taught how to solder a circuit board, 3D printing, and how to build robots.

Those are some of the most exciting things about being a computer scientist, but many of the other aspects are hard work, which is why only a few people venture down that path.

“It’s certainly gotten better and better over time,” said Kiki Wolfkill. Wolfkill, executive producer at 343 Industries, the division behind the hit Xbox exclusive video game series, Halo.

One of the things that a lot of girls don’t realize is what a collaborative experience creating apps or creative software really is,” she said. “It can be a really intimidating road sometimes.

We hope these girls enjoy what the will learn because it would increase the likelihood of better equality in the workplace.

The program will run throughout the summer, and we are expecting Microsoft to bring forth another come 2016.

Source: King 5.

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