Microsoft Quietly Released Intune Update – Intune Wave D

Windows Intune was silently updated to its fourth version late December by Microsoft. While most of the staff members were busy enjoying snowy winters, this major release quietly popped out from Redmond.

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The latest version Intune 4.0 is called as “Intune ‘wave’ D” and supports Microsoft’s latest devices including Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, and Windows 8. Windows Phone 8, Windows RT though can’t join its customary Active Directory-based domains but can be managed via EAS. The latest iteration of Intune also supports the comprehensive device management for iOS as posted by Techlog.

The prior versions of Intune relied on EAS solely but Intune Wave D adds deep integration into various platforms and agent management capabilities. It could rather be termed as a real mobile device management (MDM), although Android devices and Windows Phone 7 still have to go through EAS.

For those who are unaware of Windows Intune; it is an integrated, cloud-based service from Windows providing reports, tools and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows. It is one the best client management services from Microsoft to keep your computer secure and up-to-date. More over Windows Intune also let you manage your mobile devices on the network directly or via Exchange ActiveSync.

The original version of Intune was brought into service in March 2011. The second update Intune 2.0 was released in October 2011 adding a few improvements and a new feature of software distribution. The third version of Intune came up with device management feat via (EAS) Exchange ActiveSync. Windows Intune 3.0 supported Android handsets/tablets and iOS devices.

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