Microsoft to ramp down Windows UserVoice

Microsoft plans to shut Windows UserVoice site. When Windows 10 was under development, one of the popular ways to provide feedback was through the Windows UserVoice site. Even today, the Windows UserVoice site happens to be one of the great place for users to provide their feedback, suggestions, comments about Windows 10.


Microsoft has acknowledged that the users’ feedback has helped in a significant way to build what Windows 10 is. Now that Windows 10 is released to users and its on millions of devices, Microsoft wants to consolidate feedback tools into one system.

From Oct. 30th, Microsoft has started ramping down process for the Windows UserVoice site. And the site will be accessible till Nov. 16th only.

Reasons for closing the UserVoice site:

  • Microsoft wants its engineering team to respond faster to the feedback received from the community.
  • Microsoft wants to consolidate feedback tools into one common system.
  • The users’ feedback should reach directly to the concerned feature team quickly.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft will replace the Windows UserVoice site with its already present built-in Windows Feedback app in Windows 10. This app provides the engineers access to all the raw feedback provided by its users. The app is directly plugged into Windows engineering system making it easier for the team to find the feedback and act on it.

The Windows Feedback app also provides two-way conversation between engineers and millions of Windows Insiders. As one can see their feedback is in Microsoft’s system and ready to be made as work item.

Announcing about the start of the ramp-down process, Microsoft requested to fully leverage the Windows Feedback app on Windows 10. If someone is not yet familiar with the app, one has to just type ‘feedback’ in the Cortana search box and from the search result can launch the app.

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