Microsoft Reactor opens up in Philadelphia, expected to bolster tech ecosystem

Microsoft Reactor in Philadelphia has finally opened. The center is located in the University City Science Center in uCity Square and it aims at providing class leading technology, classroom space and along with community programs which will, in turn, promote the economic development in the locality.

Microsoft Reactor

Microsoft Reactor

This is what Matt Thompson, General Manager of Developer Evangelism had to say,

“Today we’re proud to bring new technology skills and resources to Philadelphia and the uCity Square community. At the Reactor, students will learn new technology skills, and startups and entrepreneurs will gain tools and services that help them jump-start their businesses. It’s all part of our goal to empower local communities and help close the digital divide.”

Tiffanie Stenard and her business partner Paul Wright made use of the reactor as their home base in order to create and debut their new app Stimulus. This is one of the few examples of how Microsoft Reactor helps nurture an engaging community and support the same till they implement their ideas. Furthermore, Reactors also facilitate dialogue between the company experts and the community hubs on regular basis. This close interaction is expected to help the people make connections, find resources and hone their skill sets.

The new Microsoft Reactor in Philadelphia is the resulting collaboration between Microsoft, SeventySix Capital, the University City Science Center and Wexford Science and Technology.

Microsoft is also expected to host programs and outreach activities in order to create new opportunities for local startups and also help the with the necessary resources. The initiatives like the Reactor are expected to help the startups flourish, it further also ensures that they have the conducive environment to achieve the desired results.

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