Microsoft redesigns Office application file type icons

Keeping up with the trend of changing world of work, Microsoft unveiled new filetype icons for Office applications like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others. With the change, Microsoft has also replaced the existing design of the icons introduced earlier in 2013.

Microsoft Office icons

Microsoft Office applications get new file type icons

The Product Designer at Microsoft, Erin Woo, revealed the new icons on Twitter. A short video was also posted  on Twitter showing off some of the new icons.

The design has remained at the core of every Office version. From some archaic to a fluid design refresh, Microsoft has always been at the forefront of experimenting. The new change reflects the visual identity of Office which appears quite simple, powerful, yet visually very appealing. The background has been changed to something simpler, particularly, the geometric shapes associated with the apps.

Fluent Design refresh has taken a center stage and the company is still in the process of rolling out Fluent Design updates to all of its products. Microsoft said it chose colors that were bolder, lighter and friendlier while embracing simplicity and harmony.

It’s worthwhile to see Microsoft making every visible effort to improve the Office apps, even if it means just minor visual alterations. Regardless of operating system preferences (Windows, MacOS), Microsoft Office has maintained its reputation as the best productivity suite for computer users.

While the new change is welcome, we would like to see some of these icons go beyond Office apps.

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