Microsoft releases more details in the Interactive Azure Platform

Microsoft had launched the Interactive Azure Platform last year i.e. in May 2016. The cloud platform from Microsoft got the interactive touch so as to help users to know the new and big features on Microsoft Azure. The interactive Azure platform is basically where users can click on a feature and see its short description. Further, there are links within the short description that take users to the documentation and pricing. Now, in addition to description and price, users can also see the Overview of the feature, Limits, SLA, Service Updates, Articles and even Code Samples. Thus, any user or organization will be able to make a quick decision about certain Azure service using the Interactive Azure Platform.

Interactive Azure platform

Interactive Azure Platform

Microsoft has included the major features and services of Azure belonging to the total of 9 fields. These include:

  • Compute
  • Database and Storage
  • Security + Identity
  • Networking
  • Intelligence and Analytics
  • Developers Services
  • Web and Mobile
  • Internet of Things and Enterprise Integration
  • Monitoring and Management

Users will be able to see the features and guides of the services and features from the above areas. Microsoft has even published a PowerPoint Presentation that sums up all these fields and the features under those.

The Interactive Azure Platform is easy to use. Simply click on any of the Azure features from the Interactive Azure Platform, and you will be able to see a quick overview of the feature. Further, you can click on the Overview link, and it takes you to the home page of a particular service. Here, you can learn more about the selected feature. When clicked on the Price link, you can see the pricing structure of the selected feature. For the downloadable documentation such as user guides (Getting Started) or deployment guides, click on the Documentation link.

The Interactive Azure Platform has also listed the Limits for each of its features and services. This link displays the service limits of the selected feature. For example, under Web and Mobile, Azure’s Mobile Apps feature lists down following service limits:

Interactive Azure platform

If an individual or organization wants to know the SLA of a service or feature, it is now possible with the Interactive Azure Platform. Not only SLA, but users and organization can also know about the Service Updates of an Azure feature. Just like any other Microsoft app service update, these updates are listed down as per the chronological order. Next, to Service Updates, some of the features also have a link to the Articles. These are nothing but quick links to the documentation of the selected feature. One of the most important links that are included in the Azure platform guide is the Code Samples. Developers can quickly refer to the code samples of any Azure feature and start their project.

Using the Interactive Azure Platform, users can directly land on the desired link to the details about any selected feature. Hence, it becomes easier for the user or organization to know all the details about any Azure feature or service quickly. You can also view the details of various Azure features and also download the PowerPoint Presentation of all these features from Azure weblink.

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