Microsoft releases SkyDrive SDK for Windows Phone & .NET

Microsoft platform developers who are working for .NET platform and Windows Phone apps development may be happy to know that Microsoft has released a new SDK for developers to make their life easy and enhance the quality and power of the SkyDrive and Windows Phone. This was a long awaited SDK for .NET developers. By using these SDK developers can work on the entire modern mobile platform to allow the users to access their content on SkyDrive more easily and effectively using their favorite apps.

We’ve been working at how we could continue to make this easy for more and more developers – so we added client-side SDKs targeting Windows 8, Windows Phone, JavaScript Web library, iOS and Android as well as made several enhancement to our REST APIs by removing file extension restrictions and also letting you upload full resolution pictures. Today, we are excited to announce the availability of new SDKs for .NET and Windows Phone 8, said Microsoft.

The client side SDK targets Windows 8, Windows Phone, JavaScript Web Libraries, Android and iOS. This SDK also provides an enhancement to previous REST APIs by “removing file extension restrictions” and also “letting you upload full resolution pictures”.

The SDK is exclusively introduced to enhance and improve the usage of SkyDrive Platform by the various environments of apps development. This SDK not only works on client desktop apps but also on ASP.NET applications (Server side).

Client SDK Version

Using the new SDK a developer can create WPF, Windows Form and a console application by which users can access their data in SkyDrive.

Server Version

The Server side version of the SDK will let you create ASP.Net web-site and new web-server components that talk to SkyDrive and access the storage and data subsequently.

Download SDKs

You can download the Windows Phone and the .NET SDKs from

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