Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One is now available

In order to build up and implement a centralized Rewards program, Microsoft has finally depreciated the Xbox Live Rewards program and its app and replaced it with the Microsoft Rewards app. This latest change is welcomed on Xbox One gaming consoles. Microsoft has been testing it for a while with the Xbox Insiders and it is great to see this change finally coming to General Availability.

Microsoft Rewards app

As expected, you can use this app to earn and check some points. These points can further be used to redeem some prizes, gifts, and subscriptions. But additionally, with this Xbox app, you can get exclusive offers and rewards for Xbox users. Right now, if you purchase an Xbox One X from the app itself, you can get 50,000 points. Or else if you purchase an Xbox One S, you can get 28,000 points or just get up to 6,000 points if you buy some selected games like Far Cry 5, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard or Minecraft, etc.

Microsoft Rewards app

Microsoft will also be offering you various gifts and points if you keep on checking this app on a regular basis. It really looks like now Microsoft taking its Microsoft Rewards program a step higher. But the main complaint still remains about when this program is available in more countries like India. The Bing Rewards program was available in India for a while but after its rebranding, it has been taken offline in India.

Until then, you can find this app that runs on Xbox and Microsoft’s Surface Hubs in the Microsoft Store here.

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