Microsoft ‘s new Surface commercial, shows how productive Surface is

Microsoft has been trying very hard to promote their Surface RT tablet. They have been trying to attract the buyers with several commercials and with street ads. Adding to this, Microsoft has came up with a new commercial of Surface RT tablet showing how productive this tablet is.

In the commercial, Microsoft has tried to highlight the productivity factor of Surface tablet which comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Office Package, allowing the user to do Word, Excel, PowerPoint related work on the move. The main objective behind this commercial appears to be to show Surface’s superiority over iPad and Android tablets out there in the market.

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched themselves into the Tablet market with their first ever self manufactured tablet. Since its launch, Surface RT tablet has seen good response from the customers. Microsoft managed to sell a lot of pieces of the tablet in a very short span of time. However since this tablet supports only metro apps, a huge section of customers decided to skip it.

But a few days back, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro tablet as well, which allows running traditional desktop apps alongside the new metro apps. Microsoft is also providing two different types of keyboard cum cover for the Surface tablet, one is the touch keyboard while another is the traditional type keyboard. Since the cover comes in a wide range of colors such as Red, Blue white etc, one gets a lot of choice to select from.

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