Microsoft invites schools to participate in Microsoft Schools Program

Microsoft is finally inviting schools from all across the world to participate in their newly announced Microsoft Schools Program. This program is meant for schools aiming to integrate technology smoothly into their education process.

Microsoft Schools Program

Microsoft Schools Program

Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. These schools are perhaps just starting to explore Microsoft solutions, programs or devices in small ways, but have signaled an intent to do more and become more.

If you are in a school starting to consider how to transform your education methods and integrate technology, we invite you to join the Microsoft Schools program.

The Microsoft Schools Program offers the following benefits to schools that sign up for their course.

  • A reach of over 1,000 school leaders by enrolling schools into their global social network – Yammer.
  • A Quick Start manual with multiple resources and leads to help school leaders succeed.
  • A monthly newsletter delivered to your e-mail with optimum Teaching and Leading tips in the process.
  • A custom curated list of resources especially for leaders and the leading school trainers on the program. All these will be available from the Microsoft Educator Community.
  • Participation in quarterly global connect calls with other school leaders and Microsoft official across the globe.

The Microsoft Schools Program is now open for registration. There is yet another program, by the name of Microsoft Showcase Schools, that the company has launched exclusively for elite schools who have previously considered the role of technology as they explore new ways to redesign learning spaces, restructure curriculum, reinvent pedagogy, and reimagine what 21st century leading and learning looks like across diverse contexts.

“Being a Microsoft school means a journey of transition from being successful to be the best in the field , driven by change in school culture that elicit unprecedented engagement and skills in your students. In simple words, ‘a journey of going beyond the conventional form to provide extraordinary learning atmosphere to students and staff’.” – Kho Guik Lan, Chung HWA Middle School, BSB, Brunei Darussalam.

Visit Microsoft for more on this.

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