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Microsoft has always put in efforts to educate users about different products and also on the security front. Microsoft has done it through blogs and articles on various Microsoft and Windows portals. Recently, Microsoft also invests more than $1 billion to the R&D every year to advance their capabilities in threat intelligence. Now, the software giant has come up with an exclusive blog on security and products from Microsoft and that’s called as Microsoft Secure Blog.

Microsoft Secure Blog

What is Microsoft Secure Blog all about

Microsoft already had several platforms to inform users about security and security products, such as Cybersecurity and Malware Protection Center. However, Microsoft Secure blog includes all subjects related to security, such as identity compromise, secure apps and data, device control and safeguard infrastructure. So users can solve all their queries related to these areas. Here is a quick summary on each of these areas.

Prevent identity compromise:  Under this section, users can learn more about how to prevent identity compromise. Microsoft Secure blog shares tricks and tips that are more than the protection of passwords. Using this information, users can protect against identity compromise with conditional access and multifactor authentication, while users automatically identify potential breaches before they cause damage.

Secure apps and data: In this section of Microsoft Secure blog, Microsoft educates users on how to use cloud applications without putting corporate information at risk by adding protection ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Expand device control: People across the globe nowadays use multiple devices such as laptops, mobiles, and desktops. As a result, the chances of security breaches increase with the increase in the number of devices. Microsoft Secure blog helps users to relieve the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) concerns. They can support personal devices throughout their organization with endpoint security strategies that detect suspicious activity and quickly respond to attacks.

Safeguard infrastructure: Finally, the last section in the Microsoft Secure blog is ‘Safeguard infrastructure’. Here, users can learn about cloud, and hybrid environments demand policies that not only offer IT and network security but also detect deviations and respond quickly to signs of infrastructure compromise.

Through, Microsoft Secure blog the organization will share information about Microsoft products and services, as well as their perspective on industry trends, from an expanded roster of experts and about an even broader range of topics that they know the readers are interested in. Know more about Microsoft Secure blog here.

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