Microsoft’s Service Fabric is now available on Linux

Businesses around the world have been relying a lot on the cloud to fuel innovation. Cloud apps are slowly becoming the future because they do not need to be installed on a computer to work. The only downside is the requirement of a constant internet connection.


Developers are being pressured to deliver important apps to make lives easier for business owners. These developers have the power to create apps that are game changing and could potentially disrupt industries. With this being the case, there needs to be a way for developers to quickly update their apps, and it would seem as if Microsoft has found the winning formula.

Service Fabric available on Linux

Microsoft plans to introduce something known as Service Fabric, it’s basically Microsoft’s microservices application platform that was released to developers back in 2015. However, the time has come for this piece of tech to find its way to Linux.

With this recent announcement, it’s now possible for developers to take advantage of Service Fabric clusters inside of Azure. Instead of using Windows 10, Linux can be used as the host operating system. For now, Service Fabric is only available on Ubuntu, but support for RHEL should come before the end of 2016.

“We’re excited that with our ongoing enhancements of Service Fabric’s capabilities and reach, more businesses will be able to take advantage of our innovations to power their own applications,” says Microsoft via its blog.

It’s clear Microsoft is supporting Linux on a large scale these days, and that’s good for business. It simply means more developers will have the option to use Azure seeing as they are not tied to a single operating system.

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