Microsoft shows their success with record breaking 4th Quarter Revenue

Microsoft has declared a record breaking end of June 4th Quarter revenue of  $16.04 Billion. This is a 22% increase from recorded revenue from the same time last year.

Microsoft has had a good year. Windows 7 has successfully been named the fasted selling Operating System to date with over 175 million licenses sold already. Since then, they have successfully launched their Office 2010 Suite, the new Windows Live, XBox 360 (Slim), Bing has achieved its 13th consecutive month of share gain. With all the success Microsoft has had this year we still have Windows Phone 7, XBox 360 Kinect coming ,  as well as the transition to cloud services is well underway with Windows Azure and our Business Productivity Online Services.

Microsoft has also joined forces  to create a IPad rival slate hopefully released before the end of the year

With all the success that Microsoft is having after the admitted failure of Windows Vista, it is apparent Microsoft is on tract with showing the world why they are the giant they are.

Analysts have already said they expect over 300 million Licenses of Windows 7 sold by the end of 2010, but with the missed projected figures for the 4th Quarter revenue earnings, Microsoft is very well on their way to surpassing the projected figures.

Analysts had also projected a profit of $0.46 per share on revenue of $15.26 billion, Microsoft has beat these expectations with  a $0.51 per share with a  revenue $16.04 billion, showing they may actually beat all projections for 2010.

Details: Informationon 4th Quarter revenue from Microsoft.

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