Microsoft shuts down Live Labs

Microsoft has decided to shutdown Live Labs, a group that worked on data visualization products like Photosynth, SeaDragon,, Pivot, etc. It is now reorganizing the team of 68, under Bing.

However, Live Labs leader and technical fellow Gary Flake, announced that he is resigning from Microsoft, reports Seattlepi.

“After nearly five years as a lab within Microsoft, the Live Labs team is transitioning to Bing, where we’ll play a more direct role in future Bing innovations.

We’re looking forward to contributing our web UX and data visualization know-how to improve your Bing experience. Our transition to Bing and the associated details will be worked out through the remainder of October.

Our sincerest thanks for your interest and support of Live Labs!”, says the announcement on its website.

Live Labs was a joint project between MSN and Microsoft research.

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  1. Woah!!! I thought Pivot would really be a great success, now may be not 🙁

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