Microsoft Social Listening Tool is now available

For those working in sales, marketing or service department, this is a useful announcement to read. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the availability of powerful Microsoft Social Listening Tool for its customers. As Microsoft puts it, using this tool, marketers can track customer’s sentiments related to their brand and understand how their marketing strategies and plans are performing.

Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft Social Listening Tool

Says the blog post at

This powerful tool will enable your people to tap directly into the social conversation so your customer-facing employees can create amazing customer experiences.

Releasing social listening as part of the spring wave, Microsoft reasoned that the tool provides multiple benefits.

“Sales people can stay on top of the competition while watching for social buying signals. Service teams can better help customers by providing real-time social care. The new tool is part of current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriptions, and for customers with 10 professional seats, Microsoft Social Listening comes at no additional charge”.

The social listening tool is particularly useful for marketers, sales force and service professionals. Using this, marketers can track sentiment related to their brand and understand how their marketing tactics are resonating.  Sales professionals can stay on top of the competition while watching for social buying signals.  Service teams can delight customers by providing real-time social care.

Features of Microsoft Social Listening tool:

  • Analyze social data in an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Listen to brands, products, or topics on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Use sentiment analysis to find out the public perception of a topic.
  • See how to identify and connect with the most influential users.
  • Learn how to stay on top of information with dedicated email alerts


Social Listening is free for customers with ten or more Professional licenses as Social Listening is included in CRM Online Professional. On-premises users can purchase Social Listening for $20 per user per month. Also, as a standalone service the Dynamic marketing tool is available at $125 per user per month. For customer care professionals, Microsoft recommends the Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise licensing plan level at $200 per user per month.

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