Microsoft partners with Spotify, soon to discontinue Groove Music Pass

Recently Microsoft announced that they are partnering with Spotify and discontinuing Groove Music Pass and Store Music services. According to this announcement on Microsoft Support, the software giant will move its users from Groove Music to Spotify. Microsoft mentions that after December 31, 2017, the Groove Music streaming service will be discontinued. Besides, The Groove Music users eligible under Spotify’s terms will be able to receive 60 free days of Spotify Premium.

Groove Music Pass

What will happen to Groove Music Pass and Groove Music App

So as to clear the doubts of Groove Music Pass users, Microsoft mentioned all the details related to its partnership with Groove Music. Though Groove Music service will be discontinued the built-in Groove Music app will continue to play all the music users have purchased. They can also listen to the music that is downloaded or uploaded to OneDrive. However, it will no longer stream or play any Groove Music Pass content. Users won’t be able to access Microsoft’s Groove Music API features. However, Microsoft mentions that the Groove Music app will be updated on regular basis on all Windows devices to support playback and management of music purchased or uploaded to a PC or OneDrive.

Apart from the discontinuation of Groove Music service, Microsoft is also discontinuing Store music purchase service on December 31, 2017. Users must note that it will be removed from the Microsoft Affiliate Program as of October 15th, 2017. Removal of Store Music purchase service means users will no longer be able to get any new subscriptions or paid music downloads after October 15th, 2017.

Transferring the music from Groove Music Pass to Spotify

From mid-October, Groove Music customers can keep their music experience intact by transferring their personal playlists and tracks to Spotify. An update to the Groove Music app will be available for Windows 10 and Xbox One devices. Once the app is updated, Groove Music Pass subscribers will be able to move existing music collections and playlists to Spotify with just a few clicks.

The Groove Music Pass content migration to Spotify will be available until at least January 31, 2018. So users have plenty of time to transfer their favorite music to Spotify. Even Microsoft requests all Groove Music Pass customers to move any or all Groove Music Pass content to Spotify by this date.

If you have any more queries about what will happen to your Groove Music Pass or the music you have stored, read the complete article on Microsoft Support.

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