Microsoft starts countdown timer for E3 Expo; new Xbox launch possibly?

Talk about surprises and Microsoft never disappoints. Major Nelson posted a countdown timer on his blog with the E3 expo as the target, sending out feelers that maybe there is something special to be revealed at E3 2013, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Major Nelson

The E3 expo is primarily a video-games based conference where all talk is about games, gamers, gaming consoles etc. Microsoft has been attending E3 since its launch back in the 1990s and views it as a significant event to launch important games, updates regarding the gaming community et al. This year’s E3 expo will be held in Los Angeles from June 11-13, 2013.

The countdown timer posted by Major Nelson on his official Xbox blog is a first and was never practised by Microsoft previously which strongly implies that Microsoft has something special planned for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo extravaganza.

Rumors floating on the web point out towards the possible launch of the third generation Xbox console at E3 expo but as of now, nothing is certain. The Surface tablet was a huge surprise itself and till the day of its release, everyone on the web had no idea what Microsoft had in store for them.

However, the Surface came in as a pleasant surprise for many folks given its innovative design and robustness. Let’s hope the same for E3 when the countdown timer goes off.

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