Microsoft Sudoku is now available in Windows Store

If you are a Windows user and a Sudoku fan, Microsoft has some good news for you. Microsoft has released a new Sudoku app for Windows devices. The logic puzzle game Sudoku is now available in the Windows Store for free download. The app is available only for Windows 8.1 operating system, so if you are still using Windows 8, update it to Windows 8.1 to get this app.

Microsoft sudoku

The new version of classic puzzle game Sudoku is designed with advanced graphics and modern look. The game comes with exciting new features and five difficulty levels- very easy, easy, medium, hard and expert level. The game allows users to set their difficulty levels and face fresh challenges daily. The newly added leader-boards and achievements give a new look to the game.

Microsoft Sudoku for Windows 8.1

  • Unlimited puzzles with 5 difficulty levels.
  • Sharing and printing of puzzles
  • Daily challenges
  • Hints for players
  • Detailed puzzles solving technique information
  • Optional sound support
  • Custom backdrops to choose from

The game supports, touch, pen, mouse as well as keyboard. Microsoft Sudoku allows users to connect with their Microsoft account and earn the Xbox achievements. The live Windows tiles keep you informed of your achievements. Best of all, the running game is automatically saved to continue later.

With different levels and hundreds of brain training puzzles, Microsoft Sudoku is the best game for all ages. If you are ready to take the Sudoku daily challenges, head over to the Windows Store and download Microsoft Sudoku. from the

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