Microsoft to support development of Node.js Foundation

Microsoft recently announced its endeavor to support the freshly developing Node.js Foundation. The 0ther big groups joining Microsoft in this endeavor include Fidelity, IBM, PayPal, the Linux Foundation and Joyent.


Node.js is an open source platform made on Chrome Javascript Runtime for building the fast and scalable network applications easily. All its applications can be run on various operating systems like Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and IBM i and FreeBSD.

The tech services of this open source cross-platform has gained a huge popularity both among budding startups as well as the big established companies. Over thousands of organizations today using the Node.js services including GE and Walmart. Node.js has proved its success it almost all technology areas including web, mobile, robotics, IoT and much more.

Talking about this adoption Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director of Open Source Communities at Microsoft Open Technologies and Node.js Advisory Board Member says, “”We know firsthand why Node.js is a popular choice for thousands of organizations worldwide. Forming an independent foundation of such passionate contributors and users to guide Node.js as its growth continues validates the project’s maturity and sets an open stage for more success to come.”

Get more updates on this latest Microsoft adoption from the official Microsoft Blog.

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