Microsoft Surface Pro 3 prices further cut by $ 150

In its renewed bid to boost sales, Microsoft has cut further the sales price of its third-generation Surface tablet – Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The tablet appears to be a more radical choice as a laptop replacement. It is better than a laptop, better than a tablet with a body made of magnesium alloy and a gray matted finish to the back of the device.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 price cut

Yes, to entice users into temptation of buying the device, Microsoft has slashed the price by $150. Moreover, the company is also throwing in a fee sleeve for customers, hopefully this move will attract them enough to spend their hard earned money on this Windows-powered tablet.

That said, there are many negative perceptions getting associated with such frequent discounting. Many speculate that the latest offer could mean the Surface Pro 4, expected to release this fall along with Windows 10, could be coming sooner than people think.

The latest offer is quite similar to the one Microsoft had on the Surface Pro 3 in February. Except one. Leaving the base Core i3 64GB model all other configurations of the Surface Pro 3 have received a $150 discount. A Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with Core i5 processor and 128GB or 256GB of space can be purchased for $899 and $1,149 instead of $999 and $1,299 respectively.

Buyers interested can pick up the tablet in any of the aforementioned configurations until April 27th. The latest promotion applies only to the Surface Pro 3, and not to the Type Cover 3, or any other accessories and is exclusive to the United States. The discounts will be available via the Microsoft Store.

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