Microsoft Surface Pro Price Revealed

The pricing of Microsoft Surface Pro yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, appears to have been leaked by a German retailer known by the name They have  already come up with the price details on the tablet designed and marketed by Microsoft and have even started taking pre-orders for it.

Until now, the pricing of Microsoft Surface Pro was kept as one big secret. But if the leak is accurate, the German website would retail a single Pro hardware for as much as $ 1,161. Currently, the site is listing the specs and the price of Surface Pro, available in different configurations. Take a look!

Microsoft Surface Pro Price

  • Microsoft Surface Tablet (Win 8 Pro – 128GB). Price – 909.00 EUR, Incl. VAT. Free of shipping fee.
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet (Win 8 Pro – 64 GB). Price – 809.00 EUR, Incl. Vat.  Free of shipping fee.

To know specs of the above mentioned models visit here.

The website promises to deliver your Microsoft Surface Pro in 3-4 weeks, if ordered. Moreover, the prices may vary a bit, depending on where you live.

All the models of Microsoft Surface Pro tablets will likely have a bigger battery for accommodating more power and provide a long battery life.

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The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in technology and has an immense interest in following Microsoft and other technology developments around the world. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Lacrosse player.


  1. I’m curious as to the pricing. Microsoft got a lot of flak from OEM’s that they might undercut the price and put out the new competition. I know we’ll never really know, but I do wonder if Microsoft is raising the price on these things to accommodate the OEM’s and their tablets. Microsoft does have a good sized profit margin on each Surface sold. 

    I’ve been looking at the Lenovo Win8 Pro tablets, and the Surface Pro still looks very attractive, even at the steeper price point. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much MSFT kool aid… Still, very nice looking hardware!

  2. If Microsoft is really getting criticized by OEMs on pricing and they are threatening to put out a new competition by reducing the cost of  their tablets, its certainly a good news for consumers! May be i can then plan to buy Lenovo Twist convertible. But that depends at what affordable prices OEMS are offering their hardwares in comparison to Microsoft. All my requirement is Windows 8 and good processor and by Looks Lenovo Twist surely impresses me.

  3. Speedcomputer

    i think that relies upon
    at what reasonably
    priced prices OEMS are giving their hardwares compared to Microsoft.

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