Microsoft Surface tablets stopped working during NFL match

Technology can be a tremendous improvement in our lives, but it can also lead to problems when it stops working. The Dallas Cowboys had to experience what it is like to work without technology after the team’s Surface tablets stopped working during a game.


At first, it was thought to be an issue with the tablet themselves, but it was quickly proven that it had everything to do with an issue with the power. And not the tablets themselves. The team had to rely on printed versions of its playbook, but then things took a wrong turn again after it was revealed that the printers were not working either.

“We didn’t have tablets, and we didn’t have pictures…. It’s a challenge. It’s a challenge because you get so used to seeing those pictures and verifying your thoughts. So what you have to do is communicate really, really well as to what is going on,” according to head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garret.

This in some respects might put Microsoft, and the Surface tablet in a bad light since several earlier reports have claimed that the problems were due to the tablets.

Back in 2014, the software giant paid the NFL $400 million to use its Surface line of tablets. Coaches and other important folks to the teams would use the tablets to create plays instead of using printers among other old ways of doing things.

At the end of the day, Microsoft may need to reconsider its deal with the NFL seeing as many times, commentators called the Surface an iPad. We know the name “iPad” is used by some when talking about any tablet, but analysts should be more professional.

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