Microsoft talks of the on-going quest of Skype to attain the Perfect Video Call

None of us knew the meaning of a video call before Skype came into our lives, it totally transformed the way we communicate with the world. But Skype never settled for just that and since its advent, Skype has constantly put in effort to make the best video call experience for its users.


Skype joined hands with Microsoft in the year 2011 and since then has been striving to fulfill its promise of delivering a richer, better and extensive quality video calling experience for its users, across all devices.

Skype’s innovations over the years

  • In these two years, Microsoft has developed cross-platform software which has enabled an HD video & audio experience on Skype for varied hardware platforms.
  • Team Skype also did a lot of research on varied set of technologies which enabled them to balance the compression efficiencies of a Video Call on both ends; deliver and maintain a consistent experience across device platforms and optimize the bandwidth usage on both ends to send and receive optimum quality video.
  • With further research, Team Skype found the common denominator, the H.264 codec and then, built their own version of this codec, with optimized execution and integration on specified platforms. And this cross-platform experience of HD video calling is now accessible on television, desktop, mobile, web and the most latest – Xbox.
  • With this process of H.264 codec compression, another software was developed which controlled and compressed the camera feeds and very efficiently resends the information, whenever required, without compromising on the video calling experience of the user.
  • Skype has come a long way with constant new innovations and one of their newest features is face tracking, which enales Skype to locate and focus on the face as soon as the call begins and undergo the rest of the process later.

Skype has really done its bit to provide the best ever video calling experience to its users, be it on the biggest television screen at home or a small mobile screen, multi-platform will always be the heart of Skype’s innovations.

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