Microsoft TEALS invites professionals to help young people learn computer science

Microsoft has asked engineers, software developers and programmers to help young people learn computer science. Several high schools in the U.S. have raised a requirement where they have asked for engineering and software development expertise. For this, professionals and technical experts need to be a part of TEALS.

TEALS or Technology Education and Literacy in Schools is a volunteer movement supported by Microsoft to provide computer science education in every high school in the U.S. Microsoft initiates many CSR activities, in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Microsoft TEALS

Microsoft TEALS program

The TEALS or the Technology Education and Literacy in Schools program brings together the engineers from different companies across the technology industry. Besides, national academic institutions will also be a part of this program. Under the TEALS program, Microsoft introduced a ‘team-teaching’ model. In this model, software engineers and program developers will educate school teachers in coding literacy.

With this training program, teachers will gain technical knowledge and acquire the required skills. Using these skills, teachers will be able to transfer their knowledge to school students on their own. Thus, the model basically follows the ‘train the trainer’ method. Teachers trained by the professionals will be able to take the computer classes themselves. Not only the teachers, but these technical volunteers will also teach the students alongside teachers.

TEALS founder Kevin Wang mentions in a blog post on Microsoft:

“The only way to jumpstart computer science programs in high schools is with more volunteers. No matter where you work, if you have a CS background and you’re willing to wake up a little earlier than you’re used to, students around the country can use your help. Volunteering for TEALS is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. More important, it’s a meaningful investment on behalf of future computer scientists.”

This is an incredible initiative by Microsoft. The applications for the TEALS program will be accepted until May 1. Volunteers can read more about this application on the TEALS website.

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