Microsoft testing new Premium Email Service

A new feature-rich and add free will soon roll out for users worldwide. Microsoft, the software giant is currently testing a premium version of its email service The service which is named as Outlook Premium is free for one year and will cost $4 per month afterwards though it’s available only by invite for now. Microsoft wants to roll out the service only for limited numbers of users for now. premium Premium Email Service

The new Premium email service will let the users set up new custom domain accounts. However, this feature currently is available only for the Premium Testers of this service. Users can create up to 5 email address from the domain names proposed by the system. The new Outlook Premium will also come with various apps and improved sharing options.

Please note that the service is just an experiment and the Company is still working on the new features based on the users’ requirements.

Talking about the new service, Microsoft spokesperson said,

“We are evaluating interest in custom domains for At this time, we are testing with a limited number of users in the United States and will evaluate the experience over time. The previous program required the user to manage the process of purchasing a domain. We are evaluating the appeal of custom domains but with Microsoft managing the processes of procuring the domain.”

While Microsoft is not willing to share more details on this latest project, all we know for now is that this new email service names Premium will be different from the existing service which is available at a subscription fee of $19.95 per year.

You can get on the Invites waiting list here.

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  1. Steve from Customer Service

    I wonder what will be the cash price for this new service

  2. Shweta

    The two guys in the above promo picture look too happy to be paying for a premium service. There’s nothing available from Microsoft that would make anyone as happy as these two guys.

  3. Deepeejay

    M$ knows where it can shove it!!!!! I’ll stick to Chrome thank you.

  4. Deepin Balldip

    Deepeejay is my new best friend. Hats off to you!

  5. Deepeejay


  6. Deepeejay

    I think this is a way of gauging people’s reaction to paying for hitherto free services in readiness for a possible premium paid version of Windows 10 once the honey-moon period has garnered the maximum expected number of users. Then reality will bite.

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