Microsoft to officially retire Windows Live Mesh services in February 2013

Microsoft just announced that it will be officially retiring Windows Live Mesh early next year due to changes in the ecosystem and user habits.

Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh first debuted in beta form back in 2008 and is used to keep files in sync and also to remotely access the PC. But since then, according to Microsoft, a lot has changed – the cloud gaining more significance and capability as a storage/sync platform, change in consumer habits with an increased number of mobile/tablet devices etc. A big chunk of Windows Live Mesh users have recently moved on to SkyDrive with the number of its users having dropped from a few million to less than 25,000.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has decided to officially retire Windows Live Mesh on 13th February 2013.

SkyDrive is projected as the viable option to move on to and existing Windows Live Mesh users will be reached out through email on how to migrate. Microsoft here aims to bring together the DNA of Mesh and integrate it into SkyDrive and create a single set of services with diversified features and sync options.

SkyDrive has grown from a single website to a versatile cloud storage service with a new HTML5 website and apps for Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad, and now Xbox 360. In a blog post, David Kornfield, Product Marketer – Microsoft, talks about the various options for present Mesh users and also throws light on a few tips to successfully migrate to SkyDrive.

So long, Windows Live Mesh!

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