Microsoft To Open Windows 7 Cafe In Paris

Microsoft is close to opening retail stores in several major cities across the planet, but in Paris they’re doing something special in anticipation of the real shops and the imminent launch of the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft France has surprised inhabitants and visitors of the French capital with the public preparation of a genuine coffee shop / cafe situated in the heart of the city.

windows cafe

The Windows Cafe, which will only be open to the public for a couple of weeks starting October 22nd, will boast a number of Microsoft products that visitors can play around with (Xbox, mobile devices and more) but they will not be able to purchase anything there besides snacks and drinks.

Folks are dying to know what these will be called, though. Will we be able to sip a Bing Cappuccino? Devour A Windows Live Fruit Cocktail? Or have a taste of Blackberry Pie Service Pack 2?

The comments at TechCrunch make an interesting read:

– Supposedly patrons will actually be able catch a virus from the food and beverages..

– Garçon, there is a bug in my soup !

– I’m going to hazard a guess that you *won’t* be able to buy Blackberry or Apple pie.

– May be they will release Cafe SP1 and SP2 as usual

– I hope they don’t serve Crème Bluescreen of Death Brûlée.

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  1. ha14

    Yap, They should have windows xp, vista and 7 coffee receipes. And if they add all correctives SP this will give more choises. Windows 7 LATTE You are served in a Vista Glass with XP class.

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