Microsoft trademarks Windows 365

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  1. Hi Andy
    Like a lot of folks I have been keeping upto date witht he progress of Windows 10. As I have read in various places this will be a free upgrade for the first year for Win 7 & 8 users for the lifetime of the hardware (PC) that is is upgraded.

    BUT (if I have read the article correctly) I have never seen anywhere else that ifwhen that PC dies the Wndows 10 licence can be carried forward (shifted) and installed onto a new device (PC).

    I can understand if someone has paid for the OS licence (As in someone upgrading from XP or Vista) they mightshould be able to uninstall from one PC and then install it onto a new PC as is the case with existing retail licence[s].

    Have I read your post correctly?

  2. This is what I meant. If the device dies, the user can contact customer care and transfer the subscription to another device without having to pay anything extra.

  3. Thanks Andy
    This now makes it even more tempting to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as I know that windows 10 is stable.

    On another point. Do you have any idea what happens to the existing serialkeys after upgrading to Windows 10.

    I have 1 x Windows 8 [OEM] laptop and 3 [self built] desktops with Windows 7 Proffesional retail versions.

    As you know OEM keys cannot be used for another PC so I don’t expect the windows 8 key to be carried forward but in this instance what would happen to the Windows 10 upgrade?
    Will this be classed as an OEM as well?
    Would this also be null and void at the death of that PC? Or, as you stated above, would I still be able to contact customer care (after the 1 year free upgrade period ends) and transfer the subscription to a new laptop that has Windows 8 (or 8.1) installed? (sorry if I seem to be asking this question again)

    As for my 3 desktops with the retail versions of WIndows 7, would the Windows 7 keys be canceled after upgrading to Windows 10, or would these still be valid keys thus enabling me to use them in any future home build [after the 1 year free period has ended]?

    Or am I asking questions to which there are no known answers yet? [I hope I have been clear enough in forming my questions]

  4. I do not know for sure but I guess these keys will be used for verification before free upgrade. I have a feeling each upgrade will be linked to existing keys. There has not been any official word on it so it may or may not be true.
    Also, I think you should be able to reuse the Windows 7 keys if you decide to go back. But there is no answer if you can use Windows 7 keys in case you keep the upgrade and want to install Windows 7 on a separate PC.

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