Microsoft updates Windows Store to show Game Clips

Microsoft is moving to make the Windows Store the best place for apps and games when it comes down to Windows 10 and any future versions of the operating system. With this being the plan, the company has updated the store to better cater to those who love to play.

In a recent update to the Windows Store, the company took some cues from the Xbox Store and made it possible for players to view gameplay clips along with live broadcast of several titles. We tried to see if this would work with Minecraft, and we can safely say that it does.

Windows Store

Windows Store will show video clips

Other games such as Killer Instinct and Gears of War all have the option for potential players to view recorded gameplay or live broadcasts before they spend their money.

While Microsoft did not explain where the recorded gameplays come from, we do believe it comes from those who use the Xbox app to record clips of gameplay. As for live broadcast, this is made possible via Twitch. Just hover over the video for the live broadcast to begin, but it will only run for a short time.

To see the full broadcast, you’ll have to click on the video. Your browser will launch and bring you to the streamer’s page on Twitch.

It’s a nifty feature that should work wonders for Windows gamers. Bear in mind, this option is not available via the Windows Store on the web. We expect it to come along in the future since the Xbox Store on the web supports the same feature.

Visit the Windows Store now to see it in action.

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