Microsoft willing to support Windows 10 Mobile alone if need be

Microsoft’s plan for Windows on smartphones is currently in shambles, but that doesn’t mean the company is planning to give up. In fact, CEO, Satya Nadella stated that if Microsoft is unable to get manufacturers on board, then the company is prepared to travel alone.

What does this mean? Exactly what Nadella said. If partners do not feel the need to support Windows 10 Mobile in the future, then Microsoft will have no choice but to become the sole company to put these phones on the market. From what Nadella had to say, it is clear that he has no problem in transforming Microsoft into Apple in some ways.


“If there are a lot of OEMs, we’ll have one strategy. If there are no OEMs, we’ll have one strategy,” Nadella said of Windows Phone’s future.

We’re glad that the company is prepared to go it alone where Windows 10 Mobile is concerned, for what it has planned for the platform is great, and it would be such a waste if everything falls apart without any form of help from the software giant.

The key reason for Microsoft giving Windows 10 Mobile a lifeline is due to the apps. Bear in mind that in the future, every app in the Windows Store will work on mobile and desktop. These are called Universal Apps, so with 1 billion PC users out there, developers will have no choice but to support Windows 10, and in turn, they would be supporting Windows 10 Mobile as well.

It means that in no time, the Windows Store should be able to challenge Google Play and the Apple App Store. And with that, consumers will have reasons to support the Windows 10 Mobile platform by purchasing devices. Clearly, Microsoft is looking at the long-term gain instead of what it can achieve right now.

Will it ever pay off? Well, only time will tell in this case.


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