Microsoft surprises with a weekend release of Windows 10 Build 14385

Vasudev G. is a Technology Enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products.


  1. Alberto Gorin

    looking forward see if this 2009 duo core can work as quick as it is now

  2. vasudevG

    How much RAM does the machine have?

  3. Alberto Gorin

    i fergot about it
    i have a system information
    installed physical ram memory is 2.00 GBT if i do this correct

  4. Alberto Gorin

    2.00 GBT

  5. Alberto Gorin

    ddr memory type bus width 128 GBT
    memory size is 512 MB

  6. vasudevG

    I think Windows 10 should run fine on this system. May be….there might be some drivers issue…else should be fine.

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