Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update bringing small improvements to Edge

The Windows 10 Creators Update is right around the corner, and by now we should know of almost everything that is set to come with it. However, for some odd reason, Microsoft did not speak much about new features and improvements coming to its web browser, Edge.

The improvements Microsoft spoke about should be viewed as the last improvements for Edge when it comes down to the Windows Creators Update. It should be noted that Microsoft won’t make a lot of changes to Edge, but at the end of the day, all the small tweaks add up, and that’s imperative.

One of the first changes users might see are the tweaks made to how Microsoft Edge tabs are managed. The company made sure to give users the option of saving and restoring a set of tabs. Furthermore, users can preview tabs via visual thumbnails, a feature that has been around for quite some time, but only now making it to Edge.

These new additions are designed to change the way we manage tabs. However, from our point of view, if some Windows 10 Creators Update users are not the type to have a vast amount of tabs open at the same time, then we doubt these new features will make much of a difference in how they handle things.

What About New Extensions?

Ever since Microsoft brought the extension feature to Edge, we haven’t seen a lot of them being added to the Windows Store. It’s quite strange, and it makes us wonder if developers are supporting the web browser in ways Microsoft makes it out seem.

At the time of writing, there are only 22 extensions in the Windows Store, and only a few can be viewed as useful to casual users. We can only hope this number increases dramatically in the coming months for a prosperous 2017. The good news, right now, is the fact that Microsoft has allowed developers to access 30 percent more of Edge’s features, so that should kick start the development of more extensions for the web browser.

3D And eBooks

Yes, the software giant will add 3D content and eBooks support when the Windows Creators Update comes around. Many websites have decided to add virtual reality experiences, so Microsoft is ready to support them. Furthermore, the Windows Store will soon be a home for creators to sell their eBooks, and Edge will be the source for reading them.

All-in-all, Microsoft Edge is shaping up to be a spectacular web browser. However, it still needs a powerful pop-up blocker that is similar to what is available now in Internet Explorer.

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