Microsoft extending Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support on Intel 6th Gen computers

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  1. LOL, If you spend 3k on a new PC, we’ll keep support Windows 7. Or, I can stay with the PC I have and get 99% of the performance as NOTHING has changed in the last 3 years in processor performance that justifies an upgrade.
    Also if Windows 8 and 10 are so great why are you support windows 7 still?
    Microsoft is a dead software company, and intel doesn’t have a clue what the consumer want, loosing millions investing into desktop CPU when no one is buying them 🙂
    Mac, Linux and others will dominate in the coming years because Intel and Microsoft are clueless.

  2. MS needs to make Win 10 support the Intel skylake chips and motherboards. Win 10 won’t even install on them.

  3. windows 7 was a very good system easy and simple
    design by Steven Sinofsky.who made windows 8 but windows 8 was is very good but was steve Ballmer that told you don t get a start menu and included i did t know how to use it with out that start menu,many start to develop a start menu.complaining about a system that was difficult to use.
    than came windows 10 use it on mi core 2 desktop
    and what Microsoft want you to do and me is forget about the past windows 7 start to get old
    windows 8 did t get that great reception windows 10 is the modern windows 7 or 8 with a start menu.but the way Microsoft promoting it was a terrible.forcing pushing .if you had windows 7 and windows 8(8.1) in the taskbar get a notification to upgrade to windows 10.some or many did
    but there system did t function .Microsoft went this fair upgrade with out user knowledge
    and went back to windows 7 and windows 8 systems
    now Microsoft notice that and they let 7 and 8 (8.1) live longer

    i also have zorin OS on a old acer laptop i bought swap the SSD in and it goes fast
    Linux is quiet and designing distros. and they do well.
    from bruce naylor heard with new ceo there is no innovation can t judge like to ever own a apple

    chips there is intel and amd
    intel is from Israel and amd has a plant there
    than go back to Microsoft they building a third research center so perhaps be some more inspiration
    one thing i know this area we are looking do a remake of history notice new star trek movie beyond and the new camaro

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