Microsoft launches Windows Apportals

Microsoft launched Windows Apportals, a Windows 8.1 app that has the ability to incorporate the complete Line of Business (LOB) into modern, touch-based experience.

What is Windows Apportals

Windows Apportals

Windows Apportals is based on a simple concept for converting LOB into touch-based experience. It introduces the same nested folder structure in the desktop OS as well as in the Smartphone OS. This way, the user gets a UI experience in which the user to begin from the Start screen that is composed of Live Tiles to another mini-Start screen that is composed of Grid Tiles. One of the exciting features of Windows Apportals is that, all the apps and programs that run on Windows are able to run on Windows Apportals as well. This also includes Web applications, Windows 8 apps and Windows 7 apps.

Martin Wolfram, President of Inviso said about Windows Apportals,

“Customers get excited when they see Windows Apportals, they say it’s the future. As a Microsoft partner, we are very customer focused. This new innovation has given us the opportunity to work with our customers to understand a broader set of their business needs, and then customize and deliver end-to-end services that meet those needs. The design and architecture lend themselves to easy re-use of code, which makes Windows Apportals an incredibly profitable line of business for us. Customers see a lot of value in Apportals, so for us, Windows Apportals aregame changer.”

Grad Conn, CMO Lead, Microsoft U.S. explains why people should go for Windows Apportals.

“Windows Apportals address a long-missed insight in enterprise sales: customers usesoftware from many vendors. Windows Apportals were built in response to numerous requests to create an “on-the-glass” integration for the wide variety of heterogeneous LOB apps that exist in organizations today, including legacy Windows 7 Desktop Applications; newer Modern Windows 8 apps; and Web Applications.”

You can view the features of Windows Apportals at the link given by Microsoft.

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