Microsoft looking for Windows PC Ambassadors in Spain

It’s great news for those staying in Spain. Microsoft is looking for Windows PC Ambassadors and giving them the privilege of using the cutting edge Windows PC for a month. Windows is enjoying a lot of popularity in Spain, and several of Microsoft’s projects have become a huge success in Spain.

To share this success with its users, Microsoft decided to promote a new activity. For this, users need to enroll themselves with Windows Insider program. After enrolling with this program, they will have to go through several stages to become Windows PC Ambassadors.

Windows PC Ambassadors

Windows PC Ambassadors

To become Windows PC Ambassadors, users need to fill up this form. But remember, that users need to fill this form before March 31, 2017. In this form, users can show their creativity and can add text, photos or video.

Out of all the enrolled users, only 10 winners will be chosen by Microsoft as Windows PC Ambassadors. It is certain that by March 31, 2017; many people will enroll in this campaign.

These 10 winners will receive 2 Xbox wireless controllers as a gift. Along with it, they will also receive a Windows PC with all the latest technology, tools and software. Winners can try these cutting edge PCs for a month. To become a Windows PC Ambassador is not only about using the latest Windows PC. The Windows PC Ambassadors will have to test these PCs this month and share their experiences on Microsoft’s social networks such as YouTube, Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign gets more interesting after this. After this month’s test, the best Windows PC Ambassador will receive a PC from latest generation as a gift. The winner of this campaign will be chosen based on the quality of the reviews carried out. Not only this, one of the best reviews or the proposal will feature as the new update of Windows 10, Creators Update.

During this campaign, users will receive various emails with all the news and special offers and activities of the Windows Insider community.

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