Microsoft withdraws Windows 10 Update that causes BSOD

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  1. is it just me or has this recent flow of Windows updates been TERRIBLE? BSOD? Deleted files? If this keeps up I’m switching to Mac permanently.

  2. Some common problems with the installation of macOS Sierra:
    1. MacOS Sierra install frozen/stuck
    2. MacOS Sierra won’t start up after update
    3. Mac apps can’t be opened or damaged
    4. Slow macOS Sierra performance
    5. Slow Wi- Fi
    5. iTunes 12.5 not responding

    You don’t choose an OS because it won’t give you any problems. Any modern OS has its own fair share of them. Maybe Windows just has more installations than MacOS so any problems are evenly more widespread.

  3. There may be other OS, and any might have occasional problems, but you’d think the OS that prides itself by itself as the best, least problematic and efficient system for every last device on earth could do just a tad better in the snafu department.

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