Microsoft’s 3D printing app 3D Builder now available for Windows

3D printing has now reached a stage where it is not bizarre anymore. Everyone has at least heard about it, and it is safe to presume that this technology will go mainstream in coming months, if it has not already. 3D printing shops are becoming a common thing to cite now, and who doesn’t want to print a 3D object? Whether it is a prosthetic organ, or even a piece of meat, or how easy and fast it has become to put our ideas to make prototypes of new devices, 3D printing is undoubtedly the future of technology.

Microsoft 3D Builder app

3D Builder for Windows 10/8.1

Making this technology more accessible to people, Microsoft has officially made available a 3D printing app called 3D Builder for their latest desktop operating system Windows 8.1. The app can utilize the plug-and-play and 3D file formats that Windows 8.1 support. Also, the app is completely free.

3D builder has a simple user friendly interface, and it allows various objects – toys, ornaments etc right out of the box. The app also offers editing and customizable features. Many popular manufacturers like MakerBot and TierTime have teamed up with Microsoft and will be bringing support for the latest operating system by the end of this year.

Whether you want to use this technology to help you with your Science project, or produce a household product, only sky is the limit. Microsoft invites you to visit your near-by Microsoft store and see these applications and devices run in action.

You can download 3D Builder app for Windows the from Windows Store.

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