Microsoft’s Azure will now help Rolls-Royce aircraft engines achieve better effieceincy

Microsoft has reportedly joined hands with the auto major Rolls Royce in order to offer advanced operational intelligence to its airlines. The announcement was made at the Hannover Messe Industrial Fair and both the companies further announced that they will be integrating Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Studio into their solutions.

This move is aimed at helping the stakeholder, Rolls-Royce in this case to enhance the digital capability and thus also extend support to the Rolls Royce intelligent engines.


Rolls Royce has been powering aircraft’s from almost a decade and is currently powering more than 50,000 flights worldwide. The company has been directing its efforts to increase the fuel efficiency and also bring down the total engine maintenance cost. They have also introduced a comprehensive engine package called TotalCare services that is aimed at helping customers derive the most out of their engines.

This partnership means that Rolls Royce is all set to tackle the operational bottlenecks by leveraging Azure IoT Suite and collect the relevant data. The collected data will be spread across various parameters and it will be the Cortana Intelligence Suite to make sense of the data insights.

The data insights will further be unraveled by making use of Azure Stream Analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboard and these insights will further be used to improve the fuel efficiency.

Jason Zander, corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure said that,

“Rolls-Royce has always been a pioneer in engine services, and this collaboration will create a new digital engine for Rolls-Royce to deliver an even better service to its customers across its world-class engine fleet through Microsoft Azure.”

In a nutshell, Rolls-Royce’s airline customers would be able to get better value for its engines across its life cycle thus resulting in prompt flight schedules and savings resulting in probably millions.

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